Frequently Asked Questions

About HireIsrael

What is HireIsrael?

HireIsrael is a non-profit initiative, founded by a group of professionals who have joined forces to address the growing economic challenges in Israel resulting from the aftermath of the Oct. 7th war. Our mission is to connect international employers and Israeli talent.

Do you act as an HR agency?

Not exactly – think of us more as matchmakers.
We connect employers with freelancers and facilitate the process to increase the likelihood of a successful partnership.

How can I be sure the freelancer I hire is Israeli?

We use a combination of automated verification tools and a human-based vetting system to ensure that every freelancer listed in our database is an Israeli who lives in Israel.

Are you a registered non-profit organization (NPO)?

Not yet. We plan on registering as an Israeli NPO soon.


Do you take any commission?

No, the service is completely free to both employers and freelancers and is operated by volunteers.

Who can register as an employer?

Anyone who wants to support Israel and has a project suitable for outsourcing.
Please note that we verify the legitimacy of registered employers.

Who can register as a Freelance / Service Provider?

Any experienced freelancer or small business currently living and operating in Israel, with the ability to work remotely.
You must be able to issue tax receipts (as a licensed business). Please note that we will verify the identity and location of your business.

Is there any obligation associated with registration?

Not at all. Whether you are an Israeli freelancer, a potential employer or a facilitator, registering does not impose any obligations.

As an employer eager to hire Israeli talent, but without personal contacts or time to search, what steps should I take?

This is where our Facilitators come in. Simply leave your details and requirements on our website, and we will assign a Facilitator to assist you in finding the best professionals suited to your needs.

Quality Assurance

Who is responsible for the quality of work?

The service provider is responsible for the quality of his/her work. We encourage regular communication between the employer and the service provider to ensure aligned expectations and overall satisfaction.
However, please note that under no circumstances will HireIsrael be held liable if either or both parties are dissatisfied.

Who is responsible for paying the service provider?

The employer is responsible for paying the service provider. Under no circumstances will HireIsrael be held liable if an employer fails to fulfill their payment obligation.
We strongly recommend that service providers take necessary precautions to secure payment for the services they render.

Financial Sustainability

Do you accept donations?

Yes, we do. If you’re interested in donating, please contact us at contact@hireisrael.org, and we will guide you through the (simple) process.

What do you need donations for?

Our steering committee and contributors are all volunteers, and we do not charge employers nor freelancers for our services. Donations are used to fund our infrastructure, cover costs for paid advertising etc.


What are Facilitators?

Facilitators are experts with extensive experience in both the Israeli and U.S. markets. Facilitators play a crucial role in the matchmaking process, helping to smooth out any bumps, bridge cultural gaps, and ensure that the connections we facilitate are successful. If you are interested in becoming a Facilitator, please contact us at: contact@hireisrael.org.

I found an Israeli freelancer and would like to start working with her ASAP.
Are there resources available to help us start our first project together?

Yes, we plan on creating posts and videos that offer guidance on various topics, including intercultural differences and transferring funds to Israel. Additionally, once our resources are ready, you can seek assistance from one of our Facilitators.